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Our advanced threat prevention and collaborative data protection solutions block attacks and prevent data loss events that can bypass the traditional protection technologies you are currently using.


Protect Against Unknown Malware

Stormshield MIPS bridges the endpoint security gap to protect against fileless and memory-based attacks like POWELIKS, Angler, and BaneChant.

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Secure Windows
After End of Life

Unique protection replaces Microsoft patches and eliminates the “Zero-Day Forever” risk while assuring ongoing regulatory compliance.

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Proactive Threat Intelligence

Dedicated security professionals monitoring worldwide for any indication of system vulnerabilities and attacks that could impact your organization.

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Collaborative Data Protection

Share and collaborate with your colleagues and partners across desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, maintaining information confidentiality and integrity.

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 Matrix solutions provide unique end-to-end system and data protection enabled by real-time always-on zero-day attack prevention and multi-layered data encryption trusted by some of the world's largest organizations.

How do we do it?


Our solutions are powered by the cybersecurity research and technologies developed and trusted by Airbus Defense and Space and the institutions they serve. Matrix Global Partners is the exclusive North and South American partner uniquely positioned to help financial services, governments, banking, retail, insurance and other security-conscious industries regain the upper hand over cyber-criminals and control over their endpoint protection and data security programs.


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The Stormshield product family is wholly owned by Airbus Defense and Space and used by Airbus and other leading organizations around the world.  As pioneers in memory protection technology that has been protecting clients for over a decade, Stormshield is uniquely engineered to identify and stop attacks that get past the other layers of protection used by most organizations. PCs and servers are protected at all times – with no requirement for signatures or patches. Stormshield also enables the secure collaboration for your organization's sensitive information amongst colleagues and partners using their computing devices of choice. Your business data is securely stored and shared, encrypted in all locations to keep it safe from unauthorized access, external interception, and internal misuse – even when your teams are on the move.

Stormshield Endpoint Security
Protect against the hardest-to-control attacks: zero-day vulnerabilities, advanced persistent threats and fileless malware. Stormshield's unique memory intrusion prevention system (MIPS) proactively blocks malwares before they achieve their attack goals - the MIPS technology also prevents the spread of attacks.

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Stormshield Data Security
Protect the organization’s most precious resource–its data–from being compromised due to loss, theft, misuse, abuse and collusion. End-to-end data encryption and strict access control policies protect data throughout your collaborative business processes for all of the users and on the devices your users need to use.

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What is MIPS?

Stormshield’s Next Generation Endpoint Protection Memory Intrusion Prevention System (MIPS) is a proven method of threat detection unique to StormShield and trusted by some of the world's top brands. MIPS identifies and stops malware virtually eliminating the zero-day threat.  MIPS even protects against fileless malware attacks that run completely in memory and can therefore bypass traditional signature-based security products including the latest file-based sandboxing technologies.

In addition to its unique memory-based protections, Stormshield Endpoint Security provides a complete multi-module endpoint protection suite that can act as a comprehensive defense-in-depth architecture delivered in a single, lightweight, multi-layered endpoint protection client that is managed centrally through a single management console.

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Ransomware is a real and growing threat to organizations across the world – all industries, all sizes. The economics of ransomware (low operating costs, easy access to attack software, insignificant chance of legal jeopardy, victims paying the ransoms and large profits) ensure that the growth trend will continue. The current security protections that are being used by most organizations cannot stop ransomware from executing on the targeted computer and encrypting critical data and most of the new, seemingly innovative, techniques are also not providing real protection.

An effective security solution must be able to provide a consistent way to identify and stop all ransomware and variants from executing, even unknown ransomware. However, because no security products can guarantee 100% stoppage of all ransomwares, in addition, organizations must have security that stops the malware from encrypting any data.

The only security product today that can assure organizations that ransomware will not encrypt and hold their data hos­tage is Stormshield Endpoint Security Ransomware Defense Edition (SES-RDe) – it is the leader in stopping ransomware from executing and also uniquely stops ransomwares from achieving their goal: accessing and encrypting data.

SES-RDe is unique in its capability to protect against all forms of ransomware – even new, unknown and fileless ran­somwares. SES-RDe is the only endpoint security product that provides proven memory and behavior capabilities to eliminate the Zero Day threat, in real-time examines the actual execution of all systems processes and threads blocking the execution of attacks and, as a last line of defense, will not allow any ransomware to encrypt files. This combination of ransomware protections goes beyond the capabilities of any other security product – SES-RDe stops nearly all ransom­wares from executing but, if one does manage to get past, it will not be able to encrypt data.

SES-RDe Ransomware Protection Features

Extension Whitelisting:

SES-RDe provides a unique Extension Whitelisting capability that limits the access to file extensions to specific applications (validated by executable signed certificate or checksum). This Extension Whitelisting barricade effectively neuters the attempts of any ransomware to encrypt files while not disrupting the normal workflow of users and computers. For example, SES-RDe can limit the access for “.docx” to only certain applications: Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer and Web Browsers thus preventing unknown applications from having access to these extensions. Applications are validated by digital signatures or checksums of the applications.

Extension Whitelisting Attack Identification and Remediation:

SES-RDe also monitors and takes notice of the attempted encryption activities of the ransomware. Based on this gathered intelligence, SES-RDe will remove the ransomware from this computer and report this activity to the SES-RDe management console and also, optionally, send an alert to the SES-RDe administrator. A rule including the name of the executable or the checksum for this specific ransomware will be created and automatically propagated to all other SES-RDe protected computers. This rule will then block this ransomware from running and, if it is already on the computer, delete it.

 Memory/Behavioral Protection:

SES-RDe identifies and stops ransomware prior to execution virtually eliminating the zero-day threat.  Stormshield even protects against fileless ransomware attacks that run completely in memory and can therefore bypass traditional signature-based security products.  Stormshield does not rely on easily defeated signatures, sandboxing, mathematic algorithms, etc. but instead SES-RDe uses a set of security layers that work against attempts to compromise the computer system – detection of exploited vulnerabilities (e.g., corruption of the memory in order to execute malicious code), detection of malware installed on the computer, detection of malicious actions and all other known attack methods – proactive, real-time.


Supplemental SES-RDe Ransomware Protections:

Kernel Protection

DLL Injection Protection

Hard Drive Protection







To learn more about the unique protections of SES-RDe download the white paper here:


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