Case Studies

Here you'll find a collection of customer success stories from a few of the clients Matrix and Stormshield work with.

Retail Convenience Store Needed to Keep Their PCI DSS Certification While Using WIN XP

This convenience store chain faced a security crisis – they could not move off of their XP PC based PoS system but Microsoft support was ending on April 8, 2014. Without the Microsoft patches their systems would not be secure and they would not be able to keep their PCI DSS certification. The security team were interested in identifying a security option that had a provable capacity to protect their XP PCs. Despite lofty XP protection claims by the leading security software vendors, upon closer examination, it became clear that they were using their standard protections like AV and whitelisting that did not stop the Zero Day risk and would not allow them to keep their PCI certification. 


Regional Grocery Store Chain

Regional Grocery Store Chain Discovers That their Existing Security Will Not Stop Memory Scraping/Keylogging Malware like Backoff. After extensive research, evaluations and product pilots the security team selected Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) because it was the only product that they found that in live attack testing identified and stopped the memory scraping and keylogging malware that is the most significant risk to the retail industry.