Next Generation Enterprise-Wide Data Protection

Preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your business information

Use your existing business tools and data as they were meant to be used. Let Stormshield Data Security (SDS) protect your data as it’s shared both inside and outside the organization. Encryption isn’t only valuable for protecting data from unauthorized access by individuals outside of your organization. It is also essential for enabling secure collaboration and controlling files within it. SDS goes well beyond simple folder permissions and assures that the right people within and outside or your organization can access the right files.

Empower your users to create secure, encrypted collaboration workspaces

Leverage your existing data loss prevention (DLP) technologies while Stormshield Data Security enforces your centrally-defined policies as your users create virtual data rooms on the fly as they need to do their work. No longer are data-driven business activities gated by IT or security.  Stormshield's data protection technology has a 10+ year track record of being trusted by leading organizations – worldwide.

Apply content encryption policies at all levels across your enterprise

Sometimes your risk calls for file and folder encryption. Sometimes your business requires full disk encryption. In some instances, your encryption may need to move off the device to enable secure virtual data rooms for collaboration across multiple platforms, including the cloud. StormShield offers all of these capabilities - use them individually or collectively, as your data protection policies require and also empowers your users to apply encryption as needed.