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SES-RDe Datasheet

A single successful execution of a ransomware can have devastating consequences for an organization. SES-RDe recognizes this and has developed the ultimate barricade against the true ransomware threat – encryption of targeted data.  SES-RDe provides a unique Extension Whitelisting capability that limits the access to file extensions to specific applications (validated by executable signed certificate or checksum). This Extension Whitelisting barricade effective¬ly neuters the attempts of any ransomware to encrypt files while not disrupting the normal workflow of users and computers 


OVERVIEW: Next Generation Endpoint Protection

In order to provide Next Generation Endpoint Protection (NGEPP) effectiveness these new Stormshield protections are lightweight, work in the existing security ecosystem and work across platforms independent of a real-time connection. Learn how Stormshield continues to be a leader in providing proactive endpoint protection that leads the industry in applying next generation technology to provide unprecedented proactive security. 


Advanced Detection

Learn how Stormshield brings this core foundational pillar of an NGEPP to life. This is the capability to monitor memory as to identify and stop malware that has slipped past other protection layers by using Memory Intrusion Prevention System technology (MIPS).

Risk Reduction.png

Risk Reduction

Learn how Stormshield reduces risk in the face of the advanced attacks that organizations are facing today by providing the granular tuning flexibility necessary to mitigate risk while maintaining computer usability for the workers and the systems they use. 

Malicious Process Defense.png

Malicious Process Defense

Learn how Stormshield monitors a range of actions that the malware will attempt, such as: APIs that can do keylogging, DLL injections, inappropriate processes trying to gain privilege, and dangerous behavior from drivers.

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Data Protection

Learn how Stormshield enables broader and unhindered access to organizational data, enabling the employees themselves to define the rules around share their data with internal and external co-workers while maintaining IT control of the data.



Learn how Stormshield uses a variety of defenses like a honeypot, monitoring of kernels and malwares that are executed by a trusted user to identify an attack and prevent it so that the authorized process will still run.



Learn how Stormshield identifies presence of a threat and immediately and automatically quarantines the affected computer, placing limitations on functionality and connectivity correlated to the threat profile.

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Threat Intelligence

Learn about Stormshield's secure portal that includes detailed reports including all regular alert reports, analysis, trends and precautions related to all identified vulnerabilities and attacks across operating systems and a wide range of proven susceptible applications.


Stormshield Endpoint Security Brochure


Extended XP (Windows End of Life)

See how Stormshield's ExtendedXP solution provides for a longer migration runway and a more secure legacy path on Windows. Learn how to migrate off of an unsupported Microsoft OS on your timeframe – not Microsoft’s.


EWS2003 Effectiveness

What is the “proof” that EWS2003 provides protection superior to any other available in the industry?  This paper provides the data on the effectiveness of EWS2003 in protecting against vulnerabilities and stopping attacks without patches from Microsoft.  This paper includes actual statistical data on the attacks and how EWS2003 can provide assurance of the elimination of the Zero Day exposure for users of unsupported Microsoft products.


EWS2003 Data Sheet

Many organizations cannot move from WS2003 server and will continue to use it well past the July 2015 Microsoft support cutoff data due.  The most significant issue facing organizations with WS2003 Servers is operating securely despite the Zero Day forever scenario.  There is now an alternative that allows organizations to move from WS2003 on their own timeline and to be secure using WS2003 into the future: Extended Windows Server 2003 (EWS2003) from Stormshield. 

Stormshield Data Security for Cloud – Encryption Everywhere

Overview of the security solution that allows organizations to control the confidentiality of sensitive data while maximizing the benefits of working in the distributed mobile world of today.


Stormshield Data Security: 5 Misconceptions about Data Encryption



Stormshield Data Security: Overview Brochure


Stormshield Data Security: Datasheet


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Stormshield Endpoint Security: Carbanak Malware analysis and how to stop it


Stormshield Endpoint Security: Cloud Version Overview


Stormshield Endpoint Security: Poseidon Malware analysis and how to stop it


Stormshield Endpoint Security: 5 Points – Stormshield Endpoint Security is more effective than an antivirus


Stormshield Cloud Services for Network, Data and Endpoints


Stormshield Management Center Datasheet