Memory Intrusion Prevention System

The industry standard for malware protection

Can your existing network and endpoint security technologies protect you against fileless malware and other memory-based threats? Stormshield’s NGEPP Memory Intrusion Prevention System (MIPS) can!


Stormshield MIPS uses a set of security layers that work against attempts to compromise the computer system – detection of exploited vulnerabilities (e.g., corruption of the memory in order to execute malicious code), detection of malware installed on the computer, detection of malicious actions and all other known attack methods. Stormshield MIPS is the result of more than a decade of research and development and provides the recognition of unknown and sophisticated attacks without the need for signatures, whitelists and other “looking back” protection methods. The SES proactive protection virtually eliminates the zero-day risk exposure that is one of the most common vulnerabilities being exploited by cyber-criminals.


Stop unseen, difficult-to-detect, targeted attacks

Targeted malware attacks today are increasingly effective.  An example of the creative attack methods that cyber-criminals are using today is fileless malware.  Because fileless malware operates only in memory and doesn't use files on the computer's hard drive to infect it, they are extremely difficult to scan or detect using traditional malware protection technologies. Stormshield’s MIPS goes beyond signatures and sandbox technologies to identify and stop these new unknown, never-been-seen-before threats that have gotten past all of your other protection layers before they can do any damage – proactively without a need for signatures or updates.

Say "goodbye" to zero-day vulnerabilities

Patches are a great way to reduce the risk of compromise. But, what about those zero-day (or even zero-hour, zero-minute or zero-second) vulnerabilities? Even if you are patching the instant that an application vendor provides a patch, you already have had a zero-day exposure for days, weeks or, often, months.  StormShield MIPS doesn't rely on signatures or pre-defined behaviors, so it can block attacks that take advantage of un-patched and vulnerable operating systems and applications. Stormshield MIPS eliminates the zero-day threat so there is no exposure window – even without a patch.  We have the history and evidence to prove it.