Stormshield Data Security

Safeguarding your data...everywhere


The Stormshield Next Generation Data Protection security (SDS) provides a comprehensive suite of device and data encryption protections so that data in any state, on any devices, in the cloud, shared with internal teams, provided to business partners, etc. can be easily encrypted and managed – centrally or by empowered users.  A critical aspect of SDS is to provide data encryption tools that safeguard information, customer data, employee data, company confidential data and intellectual property, but in alignment with the organizational workflow to ensure security without slowing down productivity.  SDS provides contemporary users with the broader and unhindered access to organizational data and need to share their data with internal and external co-workers. 

SDS NGEPP Data Protection combines top down enforced encryption rules and policies with the empowerment of users to apply file and folder encryption for secure team collaboration.  It includes disk and file encryption, encryption for removable media, encryption for file shares and cloud storage.  SDS provides the means for compliance with the many regulatory requirements worldwide relating to the protection of private and sensitive data (for example, PCI DSS, HIPPA).

The Stormshield Next Generation Endpoint Data Protection is the most complete data protection solution available on the market today and is being used by industry leading organizations – worldwide.


Integrated Disk, File, and Data Room Encryption

  • Transparent full disk encryption.
  • File Encryption for sensitives file
  • Temporary accounts
  • SSO withWindows authentication
  • Support smart cards
  • Centralized encryption policies based on the file/folder.
  • Deletion of secure files and cleanup of exchange files.
  • FIPS140-2 certification.
  • AES 128, 192 and 256 bits
  • Recovery Tool (CD and  USB)
  • Encryption of data stored on removable devices


Data Protection for Secure Enterprise Collaboration

  • Seamless encryption of local or shared folders
  • Supports creation of a personal or collaborative trust bubble in a shared location
  • Automated encryption
  • Encryption for cloud storage
  • Integration with mail clients for electronic mail signature and confidentiality
  • Security of data shared confidentially between internal and external collaborators
  • Confidentiality of data contained in a virtual volume
  • Authentication and destruction
    • Sign any type of file
    • Help provided for digitizing administrative and sales procedures
    • Secure and irreversible deletion of files and folders
  • Centralized administration for security policies and user identities
  • Smart Card Extension allows the user to store private keys in an external cryptographic device (SmartCard or USB), including the PKCS11 standard
  • SDS “Shredder” irreversibly destroys all sensitive data
  • SDS “File” protects data inside and outside of the organization by guaranteeing integrity
  • SDS “Mail” protects the confidentiality contained in emails


Seamlessly Works With Existing Organizational Communication Tools

The Stormshield Data Security solution allows your specialized teams to create safe collaboration environments, regardless of the medium (e-mail, USB keys), device (computer, smartphone, tablet) and application (collaborative, intranet, shared networks) being used to conduct business within your organization.


Benefits of Protecting Your Data with Stormshield

  • Share and store confidential data for members of ad-hoc collaboration units
  • Total independence from the infrastructure means system and network administrators, as well as any hosting providers utilized, will not have access to sensitive information
  • Simple to use thanks to its easy integration into standard organizational business tools (Outlook, SharePoint, Windows, etc.)
  • EAL3+-certified cryptographic implementation qualified by ANSI and NATO, adapted to the protection of “Restricted” data
  • Integration into an organization's infrastructure regardless of whether it has an Active Directory or PKI
  • Fully turnkey solution (centralized administration, PKI, encryption agent)
  • Comprehensive data security service based on a trusted infrastructure that SDS provides
  • Certified solution
  • Scalable solution: adapted to large scale deployments (existing deployments up through 160,000+ seats)